Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter” by Tom Franklin. What a fantastic read! I stayed up till 1 am turning the pages of this suspense novel set in Mississippi. I could hear the southern drawl of the characters, smell the mown grass and the stale beer. I sympathised with the characters and alternately loved or hated them. I will confess to reading this book out loud just for the pure pleasure and cadence of Tom Franklin’s writing.

Larry Ott lives in a small rural community as does his one-time childhood friend, Silas Jones. Silas is now the town’s sole law enforcement officer, and Larry it’s very own monster. Suspected of the abduction and murder of his teenage sweetheart, Larry has lived as an outcast in his own town. When another girl goes missing, Larry and Silas are  thrown together again and this time, the truth will have out….

Y’all wanna read this book and I reckon y’all might wanna read it out loud too. And if you don’t fancy a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken at some point during your read, then y’all haven’t been reading real good!

Barnes and Noble have a great Meet the Writer Video Interview with Mr Franklin available for free on iTunes.


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