Things I have discovered about me this week…

Now promise me you won’t laugh when you realise that, for someone trained in analysing human behaviour, I have been so glaringly oblivious to my own faults! Ok, then just laugh quietly to yourself (is that lqty instead of lol?…I am discovering an appreciation for lmao too…but I digress).

I have discovered that I am truly, deeply, madly impatient! I hate waiting, except of course when that waiting allows me a spare spot of reading. Selfish, yes, I know!

This week I have been under the weather with a chest infection and with the low oxygen intake, I have been really flat- literally, on the couch. I started reading a series of books that I borrowed from my local library (that I will blog and gush over soon) and got well and truly hooked in. I devoured them in next to no time and am now waiting on the last book, which has a long waiting list at the library because it is the most recent. Ok, so 3 people in the waiting list is not that long, but that could, theoretically, mean 3 months of borrowing time if there is only one copy, two if there are two and one if they have three copies (I just checked- they have ONE SOLITARY COPY). Can I wait three months? Um…hello…revelation…NO!

But, and this is the prickle in my undies, I can’t justify buying the last  book in the series (even though it is only $12 on special this week only at my local store) because

1. I am disciplined with money and books that I can borrow for free from the library make this kind of purchase a bona fide DOODAD!

2. My husband would freak because he hates these kinds of books and buying books in general because they are one-time-use only (most of them) and space wasters and this house already has three bookcases and only two living areas (and that is ignoring the two other piles of  ‘to read’ books in the bedroom and my office area.

3. This particular kind of book is a guilty pleasure- you know the kind that a literary goon like me should never admit to reading (though I promise that it is neither Mills & Boon nor Amish Christian Fiction : ) and definitely nothing I need to go to confession about) which makes facebooking a “can I borrow your copy of XXXX” impossible! And if I did buy it, I could never display it on the bookshelf…not until the kids were old enough that I could claim it was theirs or that my niece left it here…

So I am at in impasse. I cannot wait to read the book, I cannot beg, buy or borrow the book (and though I would consider spending 4 hours sitting on the floor of a bookshop to read it without buying it, no one would babysit the six children I have with me today while I did…) But on the plus side, while I am incurably impatient, I am showing a modicum of self restraint and that has to count for something…. besides, I still haven’t tried snooping in your bookcase to see if maybe you have it…

Okay, you can stop laughing now…seriously…I do have a life…sort of…

And D & C, I am watching your children…


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kenny
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 23:48:43

    Well, I just so happen to know which mysterious book it is, thanks to our little textathon the other night! 😉 Mwahahaha…



  2. Puppycat
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 21:37:02

    The answer of course would be for someone to purchase the book for you as a present .. sadly Ari I am a might far away to be able to do that and also you neglect to tell us who / what the book is 😉

    Aaah but I can relate to wanting to read it and read it NOW !

    When I moved, I winnowed out my extensive book collection, however it is fast growing in bulk again with books that I must have and books that may hit the reread list in a few years time. Luckily Paul is of the same mein as I when it comes to books 😉

    Have an awesome day



  3. Bec Dal Santo
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 15:54:59

    Hmm….That really is a ‘prickle in your undies’! What if someone else was to buy the book and, well, let’s say, ‘lend’ it to you and then just ‘forget’ to ask for it back? Would that help?



    • ariannecoad
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 19:23:08

      Ha ha ha! Perfect solution…except for the part where I have to own up to the addiction book… I’m guessing you’re not the patient type either? But you’re and Ideas girl and I like that!!!



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