Jasper Fforde is one of my ffavorite authors…

Who couldn’t love an author whose main character is called Thursday Next, a literary detective who spends her days keeping the real world safe from literary crimes against humanity, and the rest of her time as an agent of Jurisfiction, protecting the literary world from literary crimes against…well literature. She has a father whose face could stop a clock…literally, is married to a Landen Park-Laine and has two children (Tuesday and Friday) and a pet dodo called Pickwick.

If you ever wondered what really happened in Jane Eyre betweenMr Rochester and the crazy woman in the care of Grace Poole, if you’ve ever wondered what Hamlet gets up to when you are not reading him, why some fictional characters seem so like others you have read elsewhere or why you suddenly fall asleep when reading a particularly dull book….then Jasper Fforde is for you!

Mr Fforde writes books that are the direct result of throwing the classics department of your local bookstore into a gene machine with Monty Python and adding a good dose of contemporary fiction for flavour. His works are original, intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny. I cannot fathom how he does it, but he creates a world in which literature not only takes centre stage, but becomes the clay with which he moulds his stories and the froth with which he decorates them. I sit down with a Thursday Next book and feel like I am eating a feast. If you like to read good books and are familiar with Austen, Shakespeare, Dickens, Pope, or Bronte, you will love these books- they are full of literary references- and if not, you’ll follow anyway! I love the way the author plays with literature without taking it too seriously, the way he pays homage to the classics without being afraid to be irreverent at the same time. His books are witty and utterly addictive! Everyone should read at least one in their lifetime and if you like British humour, have ever laughed at Monty Python or wished you could live inside a book, you should just negotiate a good price with the checkout chick for buying the whole series up front!

How could you not like a book that includes a character called Mrs. Malaprop who is incapable of speaking plain English and who can regularly be read saying things like:” [Our closest reader is] Nine teas heaven minutes’ read time away” ? There are parasites that steal grammar from books rendering them unreadable, a myspeling vyrus that destroys all common sense and a footnoterphone that makes you wish you could read your life rather than live it.


The first in the series is called The Eyre Affair. Buy or borrow it from a local library near you! And don’t get me started on his other series…The Nursery Crime Division and Shades of Gray

READ! Read……read….


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arianne
    May 03, 2011 @ 13:59:41

    That’s ffantastic! I’m so glad you ffeel inspired. All this ffing is ffreaking out my spell check. It is sad that one can ffeel so ffiendishly happy ffor just ffreaking out a ffeelingless machine so much that it ffeels the need to ffill the screen with red squiggles. Try it beffore you mock it…you will see how much ffun it is…and ffor ffree!!



  2. Phil
    May 01, 2011 @ 19:10:18

    Ffar out Arianne, you make such a compelling case that I ffeell as though I am missing out iff I don’t read this! I hardly ever read ffiction but maybe it’s time to put the theology, phphilosophy and history aside and live a little. Somebody stop me!



  3. embejo
    May 01, 2011 @ 09:05:07

    I have ffinally done it! I have requested The Eyre Affair ffrom the library. Thanks ffor the much needed push.



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