Familiar Strangers.

We all have a cast of familiar strangers in our lives, the people we have never actually met but who cross our paths on a regular basis. I have one FS in particular who fascinates me. She waits at the bus stop in front of my neighbour’s house on a regular basis. She is beautiful with dark, curly hair and a colourful, exotic air about her. She will sit at the bus stop and put on lipstick. She always has a few large bags in tow and wears white with bright red lipstick and seems not to have a care in the world.  I imagine her name to be Genevive or Isiadore, she might be French or even South American. She had three white cats whom she adores and her house is a veritable feast of colour for the eyes. She cooks spicy cajun food and sings Ella Fitzgerald at full volume. I wonder where she goes on the bus. To auditions, to visit her ageing mother in a nursing home at the beach, to the theatre (nothing too drab like grocery shopping or work). I’d love to take a cup of tea out to her while she waits for her bus one day and just say hello but the fantasy is too delicious to ruin.

There are dozens of familiar strangers that make up the cast of my life, all of whom have a context I can’t quite remember when I see them out of it. If you live anywhere near me, I might be one of yours. you’ll recognise me as the 179cm brunette wandering up and down the aisles of my local library with a 70-something centimetre blonde cherub. We will collectively have an entire trolley of books that we are going to borrow. Books, Cd’s and DVD’s. If you linger too long in front of any aisle, I may even ask you for your recommendations, browse the books in your trolley or ask you about the ones in mine.

Who are the familiar strangers in your life?


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