As I sit here thinking about what to write, there are four boys under the age of nine playing dragons. I love their imagination and the way their play shows you what’s really important to them. Below is a snippet of their dialogue. I will call them B8, B7, B6 and B3 (the number after their B is actually their age).

B6 “So while B7 is away, you sneak into my lair and steal me.”

B8 “No. You sneak out of your lair and break in to mine and then I just capture you.”

B6 “Yeah, yeah. And then you tie me up but I can get out because I have freeze power.”

B7 “You do have freeze power, but you can’t get out because I come rescue you and I break you out.”

B8 “You can’t break him out because, if you look here (points to the elaborate diagram he has drawn of his lair), there are billions of little creatures, baby dragons really. And I don’t feed them, well, I do feed them,  but not too often. And literally billions of them are released into this tunnel and they block your way…”

B6 “But I freeze them and…”

B7 “Yeah, Yeah.”

B8 “No you can’t because they are immune to freezing and besides, I can unfreeze them with m y fire power…”

B3 “And my parents died when I was a baby dragon, and they gave me a present when they died. They gave me a bowl of cereal and some colouring pencils. And I put water on it and ate it and then I died and went to them again.”

A dragon is currently suffocating while another is holding his breath to see if he can beat the suffocating one. B3 has turned into a teapot and is walking around singing “Do you want a cuppa tea?” (Must be my child then!) And the other dragon has given up rescuing the other one from the lair and is playing lego…. You have to love their imagination….and their attention span…and their concept of fair play (fair play is any play in which I beat you despite your best ideas because I am, in fact, the superior dragon). Good Luck St George… this dragon is impervious to swords, bullets, toxic waste and WMD. But we can offer you a refreshingly hot cup of Earl Grey if you like!\



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