Brothers, birthdays and balloons

My eight year old turned nine today and has barely stopped hugging himself with excitement. He was awake till eleven last night tossing and turning in his bed and fantasising about all that today would bring. He was not disappointed…

He crept into bed with me at 7am while his dad took a shower. He was followed by brother number one (who is 7). We whispered our happy birthdays to him to avoid waking baby brother (age 3) who was also in my bed after crawling in during the early hours of the morning. With no warning at all, baby brother went from fast asleep to bolt upright and talking: “It’s time for *brother’s* breakfast in bed,” which he squealed with sheer delight and accentuated with a little hand dance for effect. The rest of us collapsed in giggles! Before we left for school we’d had phone calls from grandparents overseas, presents, breakfast in bed and a house full of streamers. The birthday boy was delighted and has declared us the best family ever!

When was it that I lost this kind of innocent excitement, the magic that literally charged the atmosphere and made ME something worth celebrating? When did I forget that breakfast in bed is about as exciting as it gets, that streamers make the house a wonderland rather than a trash heap and that balloons are the best thing since…almost anything else!

Thank God for brothers who make us laugh and are happy to see us happy even when we get given what they most desire. Thank God for birthdays and the sheer joy of living that invades the mundane ritual of our daily lives. Thank God for balloons!

And with that thought…I am off to cook up a celebratory feast…the best food ever…Hawaiian Pizza, chocolate cake and lemonade! Maybe the excitement is a little catching. Rest assured there will be candles, and strawberries and balloons…lots of balloons!!!

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  1. Michelle
    May 22, 2011 @ 16:38:23

    Hi gorgeous women, having a lovely read of your thoughts. Boys are great! Kids are amazing. I’m so disappointed we forgot the birthday 😦 but will deal with that this afternoon. I’m so glad he had an awesome fun day! Don’t you wish that for all 9 yr olds. You don’t need to post this, just saying hi! 🙂
    Love Michelle



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