Ever have one of those days?

Why do I always say yes? Why??? I have three children and  one husband to feed, a dozen fish who are constantly feeding or breeding or both, one house to clean, too many pairs of socks and jocks to launder, a school assembly to prepare for and take, a child to pack up and send off to his first school camp (he is fine, I am tearful, his socks are still damp and un-paired) a pile of research to complete, a business proposition to research and comment on and two books to write….why do people keep asking me to do things? BUT WORST OF ALL, why do I keep saying yes???? Don’t they know that there are only 24 hours a day and that I can not be counted on to be compos mentis for more than 12 10 4   a few of them!

I have not yet ruled out brain damage…

or people pleasing…

or sheer insanity…

I think I will give myself a stern talking to…in a foreign accent…in the car on my way to collect my gorgeous kids from school. I think I’ll be Hildeguard…no one can give you a lecture like a German Nursemaid…unless it’s an African-American grandmother from somewhere in the Southern USA. Granny Mae opens a can of whoop ass like no one I know…pity me. Seriously!

And pity my children!


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