Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I  had a revelation today…my job is not to look at the mirror judging everything I see there, struggling and striving for perfection. My job is to be the mirror and to reflect back at those who look at me whatever it is that I see. I hope when you look at me you see something beautiful, something funny, something loveable, someone likeable…that you like the reflection that I give back to you….You can only see whatever it is that I am looking at. That’s why I take time to look at things that are beautiful, things that are funny and loveable and likeable…I’m looking at you now and I like what I see…someone worth talking to, worth writing for, worth thinking about…I hope you like what YOU see…

Stay posted, I think this has the potential to change the way I live, they way I am…but the fruit is in the pudding…or was it the pudding is in the oven….hey, I never said it would make me smart!



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  1. kathy wight
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 02:08:08

    Thanks for that food for thought….I always have liked what I saw when I looked at you , Arianne And you are still a blessing!!



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