Is that lemonade you have there?

There is, most likely, a security guard in Adelaide, who has spent the weekend telling anyone who will listen, about the unusual situation he witnessed at work on Friday.

He was monitoring the CCTV screens at Woolies looking for the usual shoplifters, trouble causers, and old ladies who suck the chocolate off of the scorched almonds before putting them in the bulk buy almond bin (why pay for what you don’t eat!). It was a few screen changes later that he noticed a tall lady with an adorable curly-haired boy of about four years old in the frozen food section. The little boy was hopping from foot-to-foot in what he assumed was a tantrum because the boy couldn’t get the ice-cream he wanted. But no, that couldn’t be it, there was a tub of ice-cream in the bulging trolly already. Oh no! Toilet emergency on aisle seven.

Just as he was about to radio the in-store  hygiene police, who had just fished the last of the pre-sucked almonds from the bulk buy bin, when he noticed something unusual. The mother-and-son duo had parked their trolly parallel to the frozen spinach and adjacent to the cup-a-soup display, creating an artificial cul-de-sac in the frozen food section. What were they up to? The mother fished something from her handbag and hunkered down next to the small boy speaking reassuringly to him and covertly scanning the area for onlookers, oblivious to his remote gaze. To his utter amazement, the mother surreptitiously placed a small, Dora the Explorer drink bottle in front of the boy. The guard zoomed out, feeling the awkwardness of his voyeurism a little too intensely. By the time the camera refocused, Dora the Explorer had released a new line of drinks…the Dora Lemonade…and one little boy looked not only relieved, but amused at the thought that someone might accidentally confuse the contents of his once stretched bladder for a refreshing (though warm) bottle of lemonade. The mother discreetly placed the bottle in her handbag from whence it had come, grateful that she had not thrown it in the bin before entering the store…

Congratulating themselves on a disaster averted and the ensuing embarrassment avoided, they left the frozen food aisle, no trace of their adventure left behind. No trace but a few minutes of CCTV footage and a bottle of lemonade….

…and the woman in question (who shall remain nameless) walked out of the store with everything on her list…except for the frozen spinach…and her husband’s cup-a-soup.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kenny
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 00:42:23

    Bahahaha!! That is priceless! I shudder to think who would have taken a swig had you – I mean, the ‘unnamed woman’ – left the cup behind lol.



  2. ariannecoad
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 10:23:24

    Ha ha Andrea! Never!!!! Jeff’s bottle is the pride and joy of his entire collection. It was one of those pop-top things you get in the drinks aisles. We bought it a month or two ago and it is our ‘in-the-car’ emergency drink…or was! Thankfully it holds about 20ml less than his bladder…I had a few nervous moments! X



  3. Andrea Jordan
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 21:50:59

    Was that the Dora the Explorer drink bottle that Jeff gave him lol????



  4. Cindy Lee
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 10:23:44

    Hahaha .. love it! You have such a gift.



  5. Daniel Kelly Collingwood
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 09:07:26

    Bahahaha that’s gold….love it! GO DORA LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!



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