Just when you thought it was safe…

Where do I begin? Shall I tell you about my lovely four-year-old who decided that he would demonstrate to me the correct way to wash the toilet…with his electric toothbrush?

Perhaps I should tell you how my highly intelligent friend (Let’s call her Lobe) called me out…in the rain to let her into her house so that she could pick up her house-key after locking herself out? It may sound like a boring story, but her car keys were inside and she had an urgent appointment to go to. Did I mention that it was bucketing rain? So I zoom over there, heroic music blaring from the car stereo (thankfully I have never returned the key I borrowed so that I could pinch all her free range eggs while she was on holiday…with her permission of course). We did the hasty dash and got her indoors to collect her keys (Day saved! Hooray for me), but it appears I was too hasty and should not have left her alone. She dragged her soggy self into the car with a relieved slop and tried to start the car. Nothing. Again. Nothing. She was seconds away from calling the RAA to come help her start her car when she remembered the last time this happened and she had to explain to the RAA guy why exactly she had waited till he got there to check whether or not her automatic car was in Drive. Lobe checked the car but this time, it was in neutral as it should be. Still no start up so she’d have to call the RAA> She fumbled in the pile of stuff in her lap for her phone….soggy scarf…soggy sandwich…soggy handbag….keys….phone…wait! Did she just see her keys? God bless her, my flustered friend was trying to start her car sans keys….poor darling! Still, she hadn’t called the RAA yet, so she saved face at least!

If I don’t tell you those stories, the only one left is this one: My friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the identity of his barrista) is a  highly respectable health care professional. He and a colleague stopped in at their regular coffee shop to order his mid-morning coffee, a tall white latte, ideal for a Thursday morning pick-me-up…only to have this turn up instead…

Thankfully his work colleague thought it was an owl…which took away the awkward question about which side to start drinking from! He is nervous to ask for his regular short black just in case his friendly neighbourhood barrista gets any ideas… [I probably have to say that the two men are friends and that the joke was not unusual…and that some of the details have been changed to save the awkward wordiness of attributing the owl reference to some random old lady who was ordering a cup of chino at the same time….it may have been funnier if I admitted that the said friend’s wife had been overseas on business for while when this event took place and that he could have actually had an owl design and still seen a naked lady in his coffee…I think he showed me the picture to get a second opinion and a referral for anti-psychotic meds if needs be…]

Life is full of surprises…you gotta roll with the punches…and never stop laughing!



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  1. kathy wight
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 00:34:11

    Sounds like a slap stick routine!! hahaha And you Aussies have taken this coffee thing too far!! hahaha



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