Ghost in the machine…and another cappuccino…

This week, I inadvertently aged myself by ten years. I was privileged to do a talk at the Alzheimer’s association on Wednesday night. It was about how to stay buoyant when life conspires to drag us down. As part of my talk, I wanted to embed a link to this clip into my audiovisual presentation.

Unfortunately I was unable to do this, but by some freaky twist of technological fate, I uploaded a snippet of the clip’s audio file so that, at regular intervals, a maniacal male voice with a deep Southern American Drawl would threaten me from my office. It was only scary the first few times—before I had recognised the origin of ‘the voice from the beyond’—but my poor husband nearly shocked me to death when, while watching television in the darkened lounge, he jumped a mile at the sound of a strange American ghost threatening: “Daddy’s gonna make you laugh now!”. I exaggerate, it was me who jumped. I now only need fear that my husband will use my shocking short-term memory to re-play the same bad joke time and again!

Go watch the clip and laugh. I know you will be laughing at me and not with me…but I don’t care, as long as you laugh!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kenny
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 23:34:30

    Lol! I’ve seen this before, it’s hilarious!



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