Dreams of flight…

When I was a child, I often dreamt I could fly. I would run hell-for-leather down the length of our huge garden. Just as I reached the swing, a few meters from the giant mulberry tree, I pushed up from the ground and jumped into the air. My body would begin to soar effortlessly up and over the pear tree and glide effortlessly over the vegetable patch beyond. I remember the exhilaration, the feel of the wind in my face, and the dizzying drop of the ground beneath me, the weird sensation of everything beneath me shrinking rapidly. I circled the garden a over and over before coming in to land—a perfect parachute landing without the parachute. I remember waking from these dreams feeling alive and happy. I would lie awake thinking about flying and pursuing the dream, willing myself into flight again.


As an adult, I dream of jumping. I stand in a crowded place near the beach, people milling around me: a juggler on the unicycle, children eating ice-cream, pedestrians. I breathe in, summoning my inner strength—and jump—my body rising three or four stories high before completing my trajectory back to the sand. I stretch my arms out to balance me, to slow my earthbound journey. I land, without pain, only to jump again. I jump five stories high, then ten, over and over. I am not afraid of being up so high, which is ironic because I am terrified of heights when awake. The feeling of shooting upward is exhilarating, addictive and the fall a mere step towards the next jump…and then I wake, disappointed at the loss of possibility.


How old was I when I stopped dreaming about flying? When did I stop believing that I had the capacity to soar the heavens? If flight is a metaphor for success, what on earth is jumping a metaphor for?  Do you ever dream of flying? I’d love to know….drop me a line and own up…: )


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  1. Kate Swaffer
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 17:14:59

    Love your beautiful thoughts and words Arianne. I’ve no idea what jumping is a metaphor for, but I don’t just dream of flying, I feel like I ‘fly’ almost every day! Get your own wings out is the only other response I can think of, although I suspect you’re already flying most days too! xx



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