The problem with being me…

I would have to be honest and say that I am a creative person. I love to make stuff up as I go along (or is that called lazy?). I make lampshades out of wrapping paper and cellotape,  fancy dress costumes out of old curtains and sponges for washing your car, and recipes for foods that haven’t even been invented yet. My house is yellow, my furniture is blue and the accessories are an eclectic rainbow of whatever makes me happy at the time. I read an article once about a woman who described herself as maximalist. She set me free to be me when she said something like: all the things I love live happily together inside me, why should they clash on the outside. I love her philosophy! The photos accompanying the article were of her store in an out-of-the-way part of Melbourne that had antique rocking horses alongside Japanese dolls, victorian parasols and crisp white linen and clean-line chairs, lotus candle holders and shiny red patent leather shoes. That is what I am like; a mash up of colour and ideas and passions all jammed into a frame that, quite frankly, is too small to hold all this awesome colour…so it leaks out…

…the problem with being like this is that sometimes all the ‘leaking’ produces something wonderful, like the Moroccan style lentil patties that I made for dinner a few weeks ago. They were a delicious blend of earthy spice and preserved lemon tang, creamy lentils and chilli burn. They were magnificent…and consequently, unrepeatable. No matter how I try, I cannot remember what it was that I did to make them taste quite that scrumptious. And that is the problem with being me…one of them at least. Another is finding shoes that are big enough and pants that are long enough…but that is another story.



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  1. Athena
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 13:16:31

    Hi Arianne,
    Reading the expressions of yourself, I am kindred spirit. I know what you mean and I feel the same about some of of the issues you mentioned.
    Having said that, I doubt that we are alike.
    You seem a wonderful optimist and extrovert.
    I have optimism as my motto, but I am definitely not the other.
    Afetr all this, I probably got it all wrong. I also am a philosopher of sorts.
    P.S. This is my first bit of writing at this site, after great difficulty in latching on to things.
    I hope it is an auspicious one for me.



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