Which alters not…

Grief is ‘a natural process that draws on the resilience of the individual and the community.’

Grief.  Grief! It is a heavy word and laden with sorrow. Grief weighs me down—gravity on steroids—until I am exhausted by it, too tired to speak, to eat, to move. The droplets of my grief are pulled unwillingly from eyes too tired to cry; their downward journey an homage to this twisted gravity.

Gravity. Grave. I withdraw. How can I not when I feel disconnected from everything, from everyone? My mind whirls, water down the drain carrying one question only: what could I have done? Grief. Guilt. I have done nothing to feel guilty about, but it seems a sin in itself: doing nothing.

Grief. Grieve. Grave. Graven. The hurt engraved on the surface…and deeper…

Graven. Graven image. “A Prince has fallen,’ an idol toppled…but I didn’t worship him! ————!SNAP!———— My answer.

I love The Bard! Shakespeare speaks to me—not in the I-have-voices-inside-my-head kind of way, but in the how-does-this-long-dead-dude-know-what’s-in-my-head kind of way.  With all the tragedy of this week, with the anger and the frustrating un-answered questions, with the helplessness and the guilt and shock and every other emotion on this roller-coaster ride, there is something I could have missed. Thank you, William Shakespeare, for reminding me.

” ….Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

or bends with the remover to remove:

Oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark

That looks of tempests and is never shaken…”

from Sonnet 116

For those of you who don’t speak the ‘speare’s English, here is a paraphrase: Love does not change, even in the face of  change. It is an unmoving anchor-point  in the face of tempest.

We who face this storm are more-than-familiar with the phrase: LOVE looks like something and now more than ever, LOVE looks like SOMEONE! He is an ever-fixed mark, an anchor point that does not change like shifting shadows, does not bend, does not move.

Here lies our resilience: Our experience of the world has changed, but the world has not. Our lives have changed, but our anchor has not. Our present has changed, but our future has not. There is still rock beneath our feet. There is still an anchor for our souls…an ever fixed mark…that looks like SomeONE, that looks like LOVE.

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  1. Kathy Wight
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 07:54:22

    So very well said, Arianne By being Love, He is our Peace, especially when we are in that grieving place.



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