Sometimes I ‘see’ things…

In the community in which I live, there has been an event devastating in its scope and impact. It has rocked so many things that we thought were solid and immovable. It has brought with it tremendous grief for those whom it has affected directly and grief for us who are it’s secondary victims. I cannot speak about details in this context because it is not my story to share though the grief is, though I too was betrayed.

This blog has been a place to speak about the process of grieving, to tell these people whom I love dearly, that it is normal to feel all these things when tragedy touches your life. The day after it happened, over 250 people dropped in here to see what I would say about it, how I would react. There were people who stopped by from all over the world who heard what had happened. Most of them wanted to know that we were ok. Thank you for caring.

The truth is I feel strong. My friends, do you  recall as I do,  that I stood up six months ago when we were together on our hill and said that I had seen something…an earthquake…do you remember? Do you remember that I said I saw it hit us, that I saw fires, floods, ground shaking and rupture, landslides, tsunami’s and soil liquefaction (when the soil turns to liquid)? Do you remember? It was the weekend of the Japanese Tsunami. Do you remember that I said that even though all these things could be devastating, could destroy us, that if we keep our focus right, in tune, resonating, that it would not destroy us but lead to good—to changed landscapes. Do you remember? Do you remember that horrible little diagram I drew and the clip I showed you?

Now do you remember it? The shaking will lead to patterns of increasing beauty and complexity.

So stay tuned…resonate….be full of hope….we were prepared for this! We are strong, we are together, we have each other…

We are changing, a kaleidoscope of patterns of increasing beauty and complexity. You, me, the way we are…and what we will become!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pamela
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 19:42:41

    This is amazing ……so prophetic your words and so relevant for what has taken place .



  2. Trace
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 21:22:52

    Arianne!!!!!! Oh my goodness…. just fantastic.



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