This book is not for everyone…

I have just finished reading Blueprints of the Afterlife by Ryan Boudinot. This book is not for everybody. It is heavy on bad language (really heavy) as well as sex and violence. If you find those things offensive, just ignore the rest of this post. I find those things offensive too, but then I find a lot of things offensive, and yet they continue to exist and—in some instances—are thrust in my face.

The novel is set in a future where the end of life as we know it is no more than a distant memory and where the internet is retro. In this dystopian future, the human body is networked and cures for most of what ails humankind can be uploaded at the click of a button. Unfortunately, humans can also be hacked, remotely controlled and superimposed. There is also a full scale mission underway to recreate Manhattan in Puget Sound and to recreate New York’s last moments before the end of the world (which is known as the FUS), the lives of it’s former residents handed out to those who wish to move in.

It is a strangely disturbing look at the future, one I hope is not prophetic but which is, at the very least, entirely possible. I can’t say I enjoyed it—there are images that will take a while to be wiped from my memory files (a process that is quite simple in Bodinot’s futuristic earth)—but it made me think….and I can cross ‘expand my scope of reading material’ off the list for a couple of years!

And it has a cool cover.

In conclusion, I leave you with a small excerpt which I thought was quite descriptive!

For a sliver of a moment, passing so quickly he didn’t register what was happening until much later, all was darkness and silence. As dark and silent as if he had spelunked the depths of a cave and then, reaching the deepest, darkest place in the cave, stuck his head down his own throat and disappeared inside his own body. A darkness final and unremitting,  a darkness that offered no acknowledgement that there could ever be any illumination, an absolute  black, a backness so extreme it coated him and penetrated his skin, rendering everything that might have colour when exposed to light completely transparent and thus only a vessel for this categorically absolute absence of light.