2011 Reading list

Emily Rodda: Deltora Quest Series 2 (all books)

Emily Rodda: The Key to Rondo, The Wizard of Rondo and Battle for Rondo

Emily Rodda: Rowan of Rin (whole series)

Terry Pratchett: Carpe Jugulum

Richelle Mead: Vampire Academy series

Lauren Oliver: Before I Fall

Tom Franklin: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Gwyn Hyman Rubio: Icy Sparks

Jasper Fforde: One of Our Thursdays is Missing

Isaac Marion: Warm Bodies

D.M. Cornish: Monster Blood Tattoo Series: Foundling, Lamplighter, Factotum

Sarah Shaw: Sarah

Timothee de Fombelle: Toby Alone, Toby and the Secrets of the Tree

Emily Rodda- Bungawitta

Emily Rodda-The Golden Door

Dominic Barker- Blart, the boy who didn’t want to save the world

Kimberly  Freeman—Wildflower Hill

Julian Fellowes— The Sense of an Ending

Emma Donoghue— Room


Jacob G Rosenberg- The Hollow Tree

Yannick Haenel- The Messenger

Ryan Boudinot- Blueprints of the Afterlife


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